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Do Not Sell My Information

If you have read our Privacy Policy, you are aware that you have rights regarding the personal information UNLIMITEDTUTORING.COM collects and shares about you. The recently enacted California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) gives California residents the right to opt-out of the sale of their personal information – as CCPA defines “sale” – and you can do that by scrolling to the bottom of this page and completing the opt-out form.

As outlined in our Privacy Policy UNLIMITEDTUTORING.COM may share your information with third parties. One of the features of the UNLIMITEDTUTORING.COM digital platform is the ability to connect with colleges, universities, and various education partners. When you take certain actions on UNLIMITEDTUTORING.COM to indicate interest in or request to interact with a third party such as a college, university, or education partner, UNLIMITEDTUTORING.COM may share your information with those parties so they can connect with you and share more information with you about their offerings or programs.

UNLIMITEDTUTORING.COM has contractual relationships in place with any third party that receives your information and they are not allowed to use your information for any other reason than to provide you with information about their offerings or programs. Because the UNLIMITEDTUTORING.COM platform is specifically designed to help you connect with colleges, universities, and other education partners, we do not allow you to opt-out of us sharing your information when you take actions to express interest in a certain third party.

From time to time, UNLIMITEDTUTORING.COM may provide your personal information to third parties or UNLIMITEDTUTORING.COM affiliates who are interested in surveying students that meet certain unique characteristics, in exchange for fees or other consideration. If you do not want us to sell your information as defined by CCPA, we encourage you to opt-out of such sale of your information by completing the form below. Also, if you are a California resident under 16 years of age, we will not sell your information as defined by CCPA unless you opt-in at the time you create a UNLIMITEDTUTORING.COM account or at the time you choose to allow us to sell your information.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your rights or our Privacy Policy, you can email at